A Heartbroken Poem May Ease Your Healing

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Did you write a heartbroken poem when you split up from the person who was the love of your life? If you are really into this, you might already have done so, perhaps on the death of a close family member, one of your pets or something in your life that has caused you sadness. There is nothing like a relationship of great love to encourage people to write love poetry. For a divorce or a split, many fall for the heartbroken poem, as the therapy may ease your healing.

Some people find that poetry is an easy way to express what they are thinking at a particular moment. The form and style it takes matters little unless you are hoping to publish your works in the future. There is no need to write an exceptional piece of work. The heartbroken poem is written to help you get over your grief and sadness; you don't have to show it to others. What matters is that, even if it does not heal the wound, the heartbroken poem gives you the therapy to help you to get over your pain, and move on.

When you face a break up or other period of sadness, it is important to be able to take the pain. You may feel that you should get on with life without facing up to what has really happened, but time will catch up with you. At some time, you will likely go through a period of sadness, so it is better to face up to it straight away, before moving on. A heartbreak poem may ease your healing and thus prove to be an excellent therapy when you have just gone through a break up from a person you really loved.

So what, if the quality of the poem is indifferent, as you wrote it only for yourself. You have to express your true thoughts, however difficult this may be. Write them in a simple form as if you were speaking to yourself. List down all the points you want to mention, just to help you clear your head. You can then put the list in some logical order prior to finally composing the poem.

When you have finished your heartbroken poem, why not write more about certain aspects of your sadness. Everything that will aid you in looking your pain in the face is all good therapy for helping you get over your grief and move on.

Should you decide to share your feelings with others, why not? Put it online if you want to, on one of the specialized sites designed for this, and tell other people whether or not you want to receive their comments. This way you can share apart of your life with others.

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A Heartbroken Poem May Ease Your Healing

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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