A Heartbroken Poem to Bring You Back Together

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Have you thought of writing a heartbroken poem to your ex love. You never know! It might be just what is needed to bring you back together again. Some people find that writing poetry is an excellent remedy for helping them get over a break up. It helps them express themselves in a way they would never be able to do verbally. Writing a heartbroken poem is an excellent way of attracting your ex's attention and letting them see how much you really think of them.

To be effective a heartbroken poem must the expression of your true feelings. You will have to spend a little time to reflect on how you express yourself. It is not something you should write as soon as you split up. You must take time to organize what you want to say and how you should say it.

If you don't put some order to your thoughts before putting them down on paper, you risk writing a poem that is not the true expression of your feelings. It must sound true to the person who reads it if is to going to assist to bring you back together.

You don't need a style of Shakespeare or Victor Hugo as you want to use your own words to try to persuade your ex to see things in a different light. It is not important if you are not the best of poets, as your poem is not intended for a wide audience.

It is not that hard to do once you decide to start. Over this hurdle you will find you thoughts will flow quite naturally.

Start by describing your feelings and try to give them a romantic touch. Try to find metaphors to help you relate your true feelings to give some strength and meaning to what you write. You can tell your ex how your life has changed since the break up and that you would like to get back again with them. Give true reasons that you think your ex would like to hear.

Most modern poetry does not rhyme, so don't bother about this. Just spell things out as you see them. As you will not be there when they read it, you can write things as you would never be able to say them in a simple conversation.

You may find it difficult to write a heartbroken poem to your ex, as you may think they will laugh at you. If it doesn't succeed in bringing them back you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have tried to achieve what you wanted.

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A Heartbroken Poem to Bring You Back Together

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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